Royal Hunt

Available Videos:
  1. Flight
  2. Ten To Life
  3. Age Gone Wild
  4. Lies
  5. Surrender
  6. Clown In The Mirror
  7. Message To God
  8. Land Of Broken Hearts
  9. Step By Step
  10. Legion Of The Damned
  11. Wasted Time
  12. Time
  13. On The Run
  14. Epilogue
  15. 1348
  16. The Mission
  17. Day In - Day Out
  18. Stranded
  19. Stay Down
  20. Kingdom Dark
  21. Tearing Down The World
  22. Far Away
  23. Martial Arts
  24. Never Give Up
  25. Last Goodbye

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Royal Hunt is a melodic hard rock / metal group from Denmark. They have a symphonic keyboard-driven sound and lots of progressive elements without actually sounding very progressive. They also have some AOR influences as the music isn't too egdy. Also their catchy choruses make their music quite easy-listenable. Their strength lies in the songwriting skills of the band chief André Andersen who plays the keyboards and occasionally other instruments (on the debut album he also handled the guitars.)

So far the band has released 8 studio albums, 2 official live albums, 5 EPs. The debut, Land of the Broken Hearts, came in 1992, and the newest one, Paper Blood, in 2005.
Royal Hunt's line-up has changed many times during the years. Most notable thing being that they have had three different vocalists: Henrik Brockmann(who later joined Evil Masquerade) on the first two albums, D.C. Cooper (Silent Force etc.) on the next two and John West (Artension) who came in 1999 and has stayed in the band until 17.03.2007.
The latest live release from Royal Hunt, which is called "2006", was released on November, 22. It was recorded and shot in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on November, 2 '05.

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