Royal Hunt: Tearing Down The World

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Tearing Down The World Lyrics:
Every empire was raised by the slave,
Built through the ages - destroyed in a day.
Solid walls your golden cage, now it's time to turn the page.

Tearin' down - we're gonna burn it,
To the ground - you'll never learn it.
Watch us now - we're tearin' down the world.
Tearin' down - by bits and pieces,
To the ground - we'll never miss it.
Watch us now - we're tearin' down the world.

Brother to brother, father to son,
No one recalls when the madness began - and nobody cares!
Can you live your life in hell, can't you hear the warning bell?

Water's like acid and heaven's like hell,
Whole world's like paper and steel.
What should we do if it won't ring a bell?
Tell me just what do you feel?

Drink out the ocean and stare down the star,
Burn down the forest and steal food from hungry,
You made it so far.
Tell me just what do you feel?

About Royal Hunt:
Royal Hunt is a melodic hard rock / metal group from Denmark. They have a symphonic keyboard-driven sound and lots of progressive elements without actually sounding very progressive. (more)

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