IMPORTANT: iPod Videos

We are planning to add a new enhancement to the site by adding iPod downloads for the videos. In order to do that, we need your help. Here is what you can do:

1. Be a supporter. In order for the downloads to remain alive, they have to be downloaded periodically. Here is what you can do:
2. Become an uploader. If you want to create videos for iPods, we will provide all the infos and tools required to do that.

Enjoy our first release: Therion - Son Of The Staves Of Time. If you want to help as a supporter here is what you can do:
Feedback on this new feature is highly regarded
The Metal Videos Team

Current releases:
  1. iPod Videos: 08.12.2007
  2. iPod Videos: 09.12.2007
  3. iPod Videos: 16.12.2007
  4. iPod Videos: 22.12.2007
  5. iPod Videos: 12.01.2008
  6. iPod Videos: 26.01.2008
  7. iPod Videos: 10.02.2008 - Folk Metal Pack



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