Guitar Lessons

  1. Alexei Lahio from Children of Bodom
  2. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth
  3. Opeth part I
  4. Opeth part II
  5. John Petrucci from Dream Theater
  6. John Petrucci (II)
  7. Daron Malakian from System of a Down
  8. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd
  9. Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big
  10. Paul Gilbert (II)
  11. Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden
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At 1:18 AM, Anonymous NecroFucker said...

plssss put some more guitar lessons...if you can some steve vai or marty friedman videos(demonstration videos)...and if it's possible to be divx format at the download section...thanks

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Best of Progressive Rock Music said...

You can get several video lessons for guitar here.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous How to learn the guitar said...

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