Dying Fetus: Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog

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Link: Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog
kill your mother and rape your dog!
fuck these corporations and their fucking record stores,
I don't want my fucking paycheck feeding money whores
these bastards flood the market with their fabricated shit,
and laugh as this pathetic fucking music gets them rich...
stay the fuck, right out of my life,
I don't need your, fucking advice,
you don't know what, our shit is all about,
so don't even try to figure it out,
fuck your spice girls and your fucking pearl jam,
its all a bunch a shit, I say, fuck it,
fuck your dave matthews and your fucking rem,
you god damned bitch, fucking clueless

About Dying Fetus:
Dying Fetus are an American technical/brutal death metal band, presently noteworthy for their virtuosity, dual mid-range and gurgling vocals, and reality-based pseudo-political lyrics. Earlier lyrics showcased graphically gory themes. (more)

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