Six Feet Under: Deathklaat

Lyrics: Deathklaat
I'm going straight to hell
to burn in flames with the devil
fuck the Church and that Christian shit
my tombstone's carved with a seix six 6
i don't care about the lies that you preach
alive to live, not to believe
in a god that i cannot see

after death
enter life
in the grave
to never wake
after death
enter life
in the grave
into the dark
as flesh turns and rots
the blood in my veins doth clot
ill be smiling as i decompose
as the rats eat my skin and bone
no escape when death comes to call
inside my skull maggots still crawl
from the coffin your world looks so small
the reaper awaits us all

this is the deathklaat

after death
enter life
in the grave
into the dark

A side project band started by Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse and Allen West of Obituary. Originally, the band was intended to be a side project only, but Chris Barnes decided to pursue the idea of having a groove-laden death metal band that just wasn't about blast beats and speed. In due time, because Chris was making Six Feet Under a priority band, his original band Cannibal Corpse asked him to leave the band, charging that he never made time to practice with them and that he focused more on Six Feet Under than on Cannibal Corpse. Six Feet Under lyrics are usually apocalyptic and brutal, though Barnes's lyrics are somewhat less brutal than that of his past. (more)

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