Six Feet Under: Amerika The Brutal

Lyrics: Amerika The Brutal
I'd rather died than to live in this fucked world
Mr. President I'm not here to do your dirty work
Alone, I think I'm fighting a losing battle
Worth dying not for oil
NO WAR Amerika the brutal
Listen it's a fucking joke and they make you believe it on the TV
That's how they deceive you-
I watch and I listen and I question their reasons
You know what, I don't fuckin believe em
NO WAR Amerika the brutal
When I want to know the future I look into the past
I think of my best friend and his stories of Vietnam
And now I got a cousin fighting in Iraq, and I want her coming back
I'm not afraid to speak my own mind
I don't use the first amendment to hide behind
I'm guaranteed that freedom, I'm born with that right
And for that I'm ready to fight
I'd rather die than to live in this fucked world
Fake president, I'm not here to do your dirty work
Alone I think I'm fighting this losing battle- worth dying?
NO WAR Amerika the brutal
A side project band started by Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse and Allen West of Obituary. Originally, the band was intended to be a side project only, but Chris Barnes decided to pursue the idea of having a groove-laden death metal band that just wasn't about blast beats and speed. In due time, because Chris was making Six Feet Under a priority band, his original band Cannibal Corpse asked him to leave the band, charging that he never made time to practice with them and that he focused more on Six Feet Under than on Cannibal Corpse. Six Feet Under lyrics are usually apocalyptic and brutal, though Barnes's lyrics are somewhat less brutal than that of his past. (more)
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