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The band formed in 1993, taking their name from a poem in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in which Evereve is a place where one's dreams may come true. According to Evereve's keyboardist and current lead singer MZ, the band also liked the name as it suggested the words "Forever evening", the gloominess of which they found appropriate, and for the fact that it was a palindrome. The band started experimenting with genres like Black Metal and Doom when decided to add a more melodic and melancholic approach to their music. Their debut, Seasons, a Gothic Metal album with Doom Metal touches was published by Nuclear Blast Records in 1997. Soon after, the band released the Stormbirds album, with Yorck Eysel (from Love Like Blood) as a guest in '...On Lucid Wings.'

By 1999, EverEve was experimenting with electronics and the possibilities the sound could add to their intrincate and sad melodies. Tom Sedotschenko (lead vocals) was facing personal problems and parted ways with the band. Benjamin Richter was his replacement. Later that year, Tom committed suicide. The band dedicated their third album, 'Regret', to his memory.

The band switched to Massacre Records with their album E-Mania. By then, Ben had left and the band found a new singer in their keyboard player. Again, the band changed their style into a more Industrial-influenced sound more guitar-driven, with the keyboards playing a less predominant role. They also changed drummer and Martin C gave the band new dynamics.

Their music is defined by clean vocals (as opposed to death grunts), generally English lyrics (though Abraza La Luz on .enetics was in Spanish, Stormbirds also had songs in French and German), more predominant use of synthesizer than typical metal bands, and the occasional use of vocal samples to introduce many of their songs (though this has declined in recent years). They describe their particular brand of metal as cyber goth. (Evereve - Wikipedia)

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