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  2. Anathema Buy: CDs || DVDs
  3. Candlemass Buy: CDs || DVDs
  4. Celtic Frost Buy: CDs
  5. Danzig Buy: CDs || DVDs
  6. Evereve Buy: CDs
  7. Katatonia Buy: CDs || DVDs
  8. Lacrimas Profundere Buy: CDs
  9. Lake of Tears Buy: CDs
  10. My Dying Bride Buy: CDs || DVDs
  11. Novembers Doom Buy: CDs
  12. Paradise Lost Buy: CDs || DVDs
  13. (NEW!) Swallow The Sun Buy: CDs
  14. The Sins Of Thy Beloved Buy: CDs
  15. Theatre of Tragedy Buy: CDs
  16. Type O Negative Buy: CDs || DVDs
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General Description

Doom metal is a form of heavy metal that emerged as a recognized genre of metal in the mid-1980s. Doom metal is slow, heavy, and rife with pessimism, evoking an atmosphere of darkness, despair and misery. It is strongly influenced by the early work of Black Sabbath. A number of early Black Sabbath tracks, such as "Black Sabbath" and "War Pigs," are often considered embryonic or prototypical doom metal songs. Many of the tracks on their third album Master of Reality (released in 1971) seem to have more in common with what today is seen as doom metal, with tracks such as "Sweet Leaf", "Into The Void", and "Children of the Grave" that featured Tony Iommi's guitar and Geezer Butler's bass tuned down to C# for heavier riffing and reduced string tension for his previously injured fingers. However Black Sabbath was not the only influence. Many doom metal bands started up only a few years after Black Sabbaths debut, with many hailing from countries where the popularity of Black Sabbath had not yet spread.

History of doom metal

Doom metal is among the oldest forms of heavy metal, rooted in the music of early Black Sabbath, who are generally considered one of the first heavy metal bands. In the early 1970s both Black Sabbath and the American band Pentagram composed and performed this heavy/slow music which would later (in the '80s) begin to be known and referred to as doom metal by subsequent musicians and by fans of the music. From the late 1970s to mid 1980s, bands such as Trouble, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Cathedral, Pentagram and Witchfinder General contributed much to the formation of doom metal as a distinct genre. The form of music played by these artists can be described as being rooted in both the music of Black Sabbath and, especially in the case of Witchfinder General, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The slowness of their music is often seen by some as a reaction to the increasing tempos of the contemporary thrash, power and speed metal movements of the 1980s.

Doom metal first became widely recognized within the metal scene with Sweden's Candlemass, who are hailed in the mainstream metal press as one of the most important and influential doom metal bands; their 1986 album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is considered a genre-defining release. According to the proponents of the classic doom metal style, the most prototypical doom metal band would be Saint Vitus, who released their self-titled debut album in 1984 - two years before doom metal as a genre was recognised in the mainstream metal press. Saint Vitus still remains one of the most legendary and influential bands within the genre.

Doom metal developed further in the early 1990s. The breaking point and probably the most influential doom metal band from the early 1990s to the present was Cathedral, especially their debut album Forest of Equilibrium (1991). Although it was a traditional doom release, this album opened a wide range of possible influences and directions for the coming doom metal bands.

A few death metal bands bordered the line of doom metal by slowing down their playing style, such as Sorrow or Paradise Lost on their debut. A number of bands started combining the original doom metal style that was pioneered in the 1980s with influences from death metal and other forms of extreme metal and even hardcore. The first band who mixed doom with death metal may have been the heavily Celtic Frost-influenced Winter, although this style known as death/doom later became generally associated with and made popular within wider heavy metal audience by three British bands: Paradise Lost(old), My Dying Bride and old Anathema.

Although classic doom and death/doom have remained central to the present, during the 1990s the doom metal genre developed in much further styles. In the early 1990s European bands such as Thergothon and Funeral moved the basis of death/doom to the extreme. This utterly slow and often very dark style is now known as funeral doom. At the same time, American bands such as Crowbar and Eyehategod mixed certain doom metal with a lot of hardcore and even some punk influencies and created another new faction within the doom metal scene: sludge doom. Also, the band Earth (Seattle band, not to be confused with early name of Black Sabbath) pioneered the rise of drone doom, as the slowest and the most minimalistic form of doom.

A number of bands, such as The Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy took the mellower side of Paradise Lost, and started with a lot of experimentation with female vocals and keyboards and created the generally more accessible genre of gothic metal. Although this genre is generally considered to be inspired by some doom metal bands, it is not considered as doom's subgenre, but as a genre for itself. Gothic metal was seen as a mix between metal and gothic music (which is actually fairly opposite to doom metal).

Also, it has been argued that a nexus exists between doom metal, stoner rock and psychedelic rock, although each of these genres have developed on their own. The stoner rock bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator and Queens of the Stone Age share with doom metal a heavy sound and a strong Black Sabbath influence, but generally have a different objective: whereas doom metal aims for dark and moody themes and atmosphere, stoner rock aims for a groovy "feelgood" and psychedelic sound. A number of doom metal bands, however, such as Cathedral(mid) and Sleep, have combined doom metal with psychedelic influences, thereby creating a style which can be considered a hybrid form of doom metal and psychedelic rock.

Nowadays, the original brand of doom metal with clean vocals is usually labelled as a "traditional doom." One of the most important traditional doom bands in the past few years was Finnish Reverend Bizarre. Another band that plays in this style is Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi's solo project Iommi with former Deep Purple/Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes on vocals/bass guitar.


Like most kinds of metal, doom metal is typically based upon an instrumentation of vocals, guitar, bass guitar and drums, and heavy, down-tuned, loud guitar riffing is considered an important feature within almost all of its sub-genres. Some doom metal bands, especially newer bands, also use keyboards on occasion. Typical vocal styles in Doom metal vary with each sub-genre. Traditional Doom metal bands tend to prefer clean melodic vocals, often patterned off Ozzy Osborne's on early Black Sabbath recordings. Other bands with more modern extreme metal influences tend to favor the grunts, growls and screams common in Death metal and Black metal. Some sludge bands incorporate the harsh strained vocal style common in hardcore and crust. Fast tempos are relatively very rare, since slow tempos are generally one of the defining characteristics of Doom metal. However, some bands do make use of faster drum beats, one of the most notable among them being the banddiSEMBOWELMENT, who incorporate grindcore along with Doom metal. A number of doom metal bands, often those that lean more towards the gothic metal label, such as My Dying Bride or Funeral, have also made use of violins in their music. On the whole, however, doom metal remains a genre of very guitar-oriented and very heavy music.



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the only DOOM METAL band you posted here is Candlemass, all the rest isn't!!

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