Evereve: You're Mine

Lyrics: You're Mine
Maybe crimes must be done
Your fallen prophet's on the run
Surrender to your deepest rage
Celebrate the dying age
For I am the scar in you
All is done - is done for the best
For I am the crack in you
All is done
You adored me
You called for me
Licked your wounds just for me
As light began to fade
Anxiety prevailed
I destroyed you - I am your blood
Broke your wings in two - I am deep within
Penetrating you I embraced you - I am your flesh
Took your breath away from you - I'm in your dreams
Suffocating you
You belong to me
You're mine
Maybe you just wonder why
Is all I told you worth the price?
Trust me, I will show you bliss
Caress you with my poisoned gift
I betrayed you
I mislead you
Still I hold you
Anxiety prevails

The band formed in 1993, taking their name from a poem in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in which Evereve is a place where one's dreams may come true. According to Evereve's keyboardist and current lead singer MZ, the band also liked the name as it suggested the words "Forever evening", the gloominess of which they found appropriate, and for the fact that it was a palindrome. (more)

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