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Fiasco Lyrics:
You take the time to cut me down
you're a fool, you're the talk of the town
so jealous, can't you see
it's your own insecurity
your life is a mess, slightly obsessed
are you a paranoid schizo?
what a fiasco
looking for scandal, you're under the gun
cause I'm having so much fun
they say you're missing a screw
this laugh is just for you, ha!
I don't hold any grudges
I'm such a nice guy
forgive and forget or better yet

About Annihilator
Annihilator is a thrash metal band which debuted with the critically-acclaimed album, Alice in Hell. Annihilator was started in Ottawa, Canada by Jeff Waters in 1984. He wrote and recorded the song "Annihilator" (different than the track of the same name released on the 1994 album, King of the Kill), with singer John Bates. This original version of "Annihilator" was released on the 2005 album Schizo Deluxe. (more)

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