DARKANE: Secondary Effects

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Secondary Effects Lyrics:
Shadows of irrational dread
Sensing worms in lust, blood eyed
The source of my cold existence
Forming, completing my dark side
Overwhelmed by self compassion
A symphony in chaos to no ones ears
The sound of laughter in suffering
And unmourning tears
My thoughts, without connection
Absorbed by a painless heat
Spreading through my swelling veins
Like million creatures trying to defeat
The organic structure of my human flesh
Orgasmic smell of blood, a new born beast
I have become, I have arrived to join this feast
Born a beast

[Lead: Malmström]

Wrath boiling under the surface of my brain
With the thrilling sense from a reptile chase
Crawling from the genetic deep chain
A buried memory of an ancient race

[Lead: Malmström / Ideberg]

Shadows of irrational dread
Sensing worms in lust, blood eyed
Insanity fills my thoughts
A frightful urge to complete my desires
I won't imitate my atmosphere
Opened blind eyes, frozen breath
Laughter's surrounding everywhere
Waking up from apparent death
The eternal well of inner rejection

About Darkane:
Darkane (formerly known as Agretator) is a heavy metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Its style has ranged from thrash metal to death metal while occasionally adding symphonic elements to its music, such as full orchestras, choir singing, and acoustic interludes. The name Darkane is a portmanteau of the words "dark" and "arcane". (more)

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