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  3. Hell Spawn

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Infernal Poetry is an Italian death metal band, formed in 1996.
At the time of their foundation, Infernal poetry were known as Necronomicon, releasing the demo Under the Gothic Cathedral under that name, before changing their name in 1997 to Infernal Poetry. They released two more demos under the name of Infernal Poetry before a European tour in October/November 2000 alongside Impiety and Rotting Christ. In March 2001, they signed with Fuel Records for their first album Not Light but Rather Visible Darkness, which was released in the following January, accompanied with a video for their song "Hell Spawn". They toured following this album and for their split CD, Twice which was recorded with Dark Lunacy. The band then continued with their third release and second full album, Beholding the Unpure. The particular declination of heavy metal proposed by the band in this album has been defined "Psycho Death Metal". After the recording sessions of "Beholding The Unpure" the drummer Andrea Rabuini left the band and Alessandro Vagnoni substituted him. On February 2006 they supported Dismember in their European tour. In June 2006 they have partaken at Gods Of Metal 2006 Edition. In 2007 they released a 4-track EP titled "Nervous System Checking", anticipating their upcoming third full-length album "Nervous System Failure", scheduled for 2008. (Infernal Poetry - Wikipedia)

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