WINTERSUN: Death And The Healing

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Death And The Healing Lyrics:
A windstorm dropped a bird from the sky
It fell to the ground and it's wings broke and died
But when the time got by, back to sky it flied
'cause the wings healed in time and the bird was I

Time is the death and the healing
Take your last breath, 'cause death is deceiving
Time is the past, now and tomorrow
Days fly so fast and it leaves me so hollow

A snowstorm blew inside a wolf's eyes
And the frozen tears covered all the mountainsides
But then the time got by and the wolf died
And someday that wolf would be I

wintersun,wintersun starchild,wintersun beyond the dark sun,wintersun mp3,wintersun beyond,wintersun wintersun,wintersun starchild video,wintersun beyond the dark sunAbout Wintersun:
Wintersun are a Finnish metal band, founded by ex-Ensiferum frontman, Jari Mäenpää. The band plays a range of genres that is often hard to define into one style, those being; extreme power metal, folk metal, progressive metal, melodic death metal and melodic black metal. There is also prominent use of orchestral keyboard sounds.(more)

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