OVERKILL: Fuck You (@Wacken 2007)

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Fuck You Lyrics
You call us weirdos, you call us crazy
Say what you want, say we're lazy
Say we're just the violent type
Kind of dumb you know we're not too bright

We don't care what you say...Fuck you!

You tell our friends we're really sick
Long-haired fags on a comedy trip
And you should know cause you're so cool
You're number one, you're nobody's fool

We don't care what you say...Fuck you!

Step on over baby jump right in
This is one game that everybody's in
Don't care where you been, I don't care how you look
It's all fire now, really gonna cook

We don't care what you say...Fuck you!

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Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey (but often attributed to New York City). The band have been very active since 1984, releasing 14 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 live albums and a "covers" album.(more)

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