MARS VOLTA: Wax Simulacra

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Wax Simulacra Lyrics
Came back to tell yourself I broke in twos,
Define the puncture, when will I know to,
I found something to shake by the roots,
I come along to see what's in your room,
The Coma's spending time to answer you,
I need something laid out for him,

Am I waiting now,
Does my waiting howl,
Am I waiting now?
Does my waiting howl.

I bring an avalanche of taunted bones,
Contaminate your cravings if you choose,
To pray something then extra will spill
Whom after me form out a content high,
Inhale the vapors that will heal your smile,
Hope for something to shake by the roots.

Am I waiting now,
Does my waiting howl,
Am I waiting now,
Does my waiting howl.

Bring me the tame,
Witness germinating the child,
The word of mouth stutters,
Blink at the lonely guise

About Mars Volta:
the mars volta,mars volta,mars volta the band,mars volta lyrics,the mars volta lyrics,mars volta videosThe Mars Volta is an American progressive rock group founded by Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Omar Rodríguez-López, Isaiah "Ikey" Owens, and Jeremy Michael Ward in 2001. They are generally considered progressive rock, with jazz, punk, psychedelic, funk metal, and Latin influences. They are known for their wild, energetic and improvised live shows, as well as their usually concept-based studio albums.(more)

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