Available videos:
  1. Wooden Pints
  2. Happy Little Boozer
  3. Beer Beer
  4. Tervaskanto
  5. Hunting Song
  6. Journey Man (@Wacken 2006)
  7. Midsummer Night (@Wacken 2006)
  8. Vakirauta (@Masters of Rock 2006)
  9. Il Lea Voibmi (@Wacken 2006)

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Korpiklaani (Forest Clan in Finnish) is a folk metal band from Finland. Korpiklaani is the new name of the band previously called Shaman, that was formed by Jonne Järvelä who still remains the mastermind of Korpiklaani. In contrast to Shaman which recorded songs in the original Sami language, Korpiklaani record mostly in English, but also in Finnish. The musical style is a more conventional folk/thrash metal.

The music of Korpiklaani ranges from the violin-and-guitar paean to the Finnish god of fermentation Pellonpekko, to the "typical" trollish metal "Wooden Pints", to "Crows Bring The Spring".

There has been some amount of collaboration between Korpiklaani and Finntroll, as Järvelä provided the yoiking for the title track of their album Jaktens Tid. (Korpiklaani - Wikipedia)

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