ATROCITY: Calling The Rain

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Calling The Rain Lyrics:
moods and emotions
circles ibrations
Dark days are rising
in eternal remembrance
I feel like I have failed my life
when thoughts of sorror lead my mind
I feel like calling the rain
I feel like calling the rain
Daguely and clearly
threatning and knocking
dark cloud formation
from vanguished despiration
hoping for enlightment
but holding the light
being moved but not ready to cry
I feel like calling the rain

About Atrocity:
Atrocity is a German band formed in Ludwigsburg. "Atrocity" started as a death metal band, and their debut was the Blue Blood EP in 1989 followed by a concept album about drug use named Hallucinations. Their second album Todessehnsucht ventured into death metal, featuring a cover of "Arch Angel" by the band Death. Their musical scope broadened during the years, and the band even discovered medieval and horror influences on their Dracula based concept album Atrocity's Blut, named after the successful motion picture Bram Stoker's Dracula. It was released in 1994, and was followed by Calling The Rain mcd with included guest female vocals and acoustic themes. (more)

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