AS I LAY DYING: The Sound Of Truth

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The Sound Of Truth Lyrics:
We have all heard what we wanted to hear
"Truth" that sounds right to our ears

But what wisdom is there within us
To live based on the feeling of our hearts
How many times has instinct let us down
Never to be thought through
Never to be questioned
Say what you really mean
When your ambition calls you
For what use is there in praying
If you will only hear what you want to hear?

We speak of fighting to resist this world
But what about the battle within us?
If we have chosen to live against the grain
Then why are we all facing the same way?
There is no difference between us and them
If we all blindly seek truth from sentiments

About As I Lay Dying:
As I Lay Dying is a metalcore band currently signed to Metal Blade Records. The name of the band is taken from the novel of the same name by William Faulkner, although there is no lyrical correlation between the novel and the band. As I Lay Dying was formed in 1999 in San Diego, California but broke up in 2000 when vocalist Tim Lambesis moved to Texas to join the band Society's Finest. (more)
About the video:
"The idea came from our guitar player Nick [Hipa], who was inspired by books like [George Orwell's] 1984 and movies like [Kurt Wimmer's] 'Equilibrium,' in which the future is very simplistic, cold, and stale. The characters are like mindless lemmings who follow one leader and there is no sense of individuality. In the 'Nothing Left' video, the main character decides to be herself and be free regardless of the consequences. Subsequently, she is publicly condemned.

"This is where 'The Sound of Truth' picks up. The courage of the main character inspires an uprising of people who also will be condemned unless they fight for their individuality. There are cool twists depicting the hypocrisy within the story.

"Both videos were shot in Los Angeles at Sound City Center Stage, which, interestingly enough, is the same place Metallica was recording their new album. Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow us to lurk on the recording process."

"The Sound of Truth" will debut in full on the Headbangers Ball Blog on January 17. And, watch it on the big screen on January 19 on Headbangers Ball on MTV2. For reference purposes, check out "Nothing Left":

Toss that bag of popcorn in the microwave and crack a cold beer (or a Coke if you're straight edge or underage). It's time to dim the lights and watch the exclusive premiere of As I Lay Dying's video for "The Sound of Truth."

The sci-fi clip, which was directed by Brian Thompson, is the sequel to the band's "Nothing Left" video, which Thompson also lensed. Read what AILD frontman, Tim Lambesis, has to say about the new video here then watch it again and again.

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