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Breathe Lyrics:

corporate causes with self-served denial
the raping of the land
the lungs malfunction
they never learned to breathe


rusted syringes and half-thought disposal
a burial at sea
waste water graveyard
swimming in disease


this is the world
it's not working
this is this earth

breathe! breathe, you fucker!

children gasping the second-hand air
death and desperation
we've got to cut the lies with truth
we breathe


this is the world
the clock's ticking
is this this earth?

breathe! breathe, you fucker!

hope springs eternal but there's no conviction
action mistaken for ransom is paid
all this concern is the true contradiction
the world is insane


this is the world
it's got no future
is this this earth?

breathe! breathe, you fucker!

About Ministry:
Ministry is an influential, Grammy-nominated American industrial metal band founded by frontman Al Jourgensen in 1981.

Ministry did more than any other band to popularize industrial-metal, injecting large doses of punky, over-the-top aggression and roaring heavy metal guitar riffs that helped their music find favor with metal and alternative audiences outside of industrial's cult fan base.

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