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Mnemic (pronounced 'ne-mik') is a Danish/French metal band, formed in Aalborg, Denmark in 1998.

They have released three full length albums and have toured with bands such as Soilwork, Fear Factory, God Forbid, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah and the Deftones.

The band was formed when Mircea Eftemie (ex-Mercenary) joined Rune Stigart and Brian “Brylle” Rasmussen, both formerly of a local death metal outfit called Exhumed in the town of Aalborg in Denmark in 1998.

The first line up was completed with the addition of Mark Bai on vocals and Mikkel Larsen on bass. The name 'Mnemic' was suggested by Mark Bai and the band went on to record their first demo in 2000 with Jacob Hansen. These songs are blueprints of the later songs, 'Tatoos' and 'Closed Eyes'.

Mnemic flirted with a masked look in some promotional pictures during this period but apparently abandoned the masks after their first live performance wearing them.

Mark Bai, finding a strong religious calling left shortly after to become a priest.

Mnemic were to find their second singer, Michael Bøgballe, on Danish national television (possibly on the talent show, Baren), who they tracked down and recruited as their first permanent vocalist.

After their second demo was recorded in 2000 with Tue Madsen, they were offered a contract with Nuclear Blast Records, with whom they remain signed to until the present day. (Mnemic-Wikipedia)

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