Available Videos:
  1. Pleasure Of Molestation
  2. Inferior Devoties
  3. Apocalypse
  4. Adjusting The Sun
  5. Left To Rot
  6. Impotent God
  7. Scrutinized
  8. Fire In The Sky
  9. The Final Chapter
  10. Fractured Millennium
  11. Roswell 47
  12. Eraser

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Hypocrisy is a blackened death metal band from Sweden. It was formed in 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden by Peter Tägtgren. The lyrics in their early stages were anti-Christian and Satanic, but are now focused on lyrical themes such as the paranormal and extraterrestrial. The band's style has drifted from a traditional death metal sound on their early albums to a more melodic death metal sound later on. Their latest album, Virus, contains lyrics of a more typical death metal nature, dealing with violence, insanity, drug addiction, and emotional struggles.

After spending three years in Tampa, Florida in 1990, founder Peter Tägtgren returned to his homeland of Sweden to form his own band. Hypocrisy's early releases were noted as being well-executed death metal but panned for not being particularly innovative. That criticism waned as the band matured and evolved a more unique sound and introspective lyrical approach. Later releases have a more atmospheric sound with lyrical exploration of aliens and abduction experiences. Their latest release, Virus, has seen the band return to more typical death metal themes.

Tägtgren's experience as a producer may have also have led to the band's change in musical direction, as he is more closely involved with many other bands while producing their albums. (Hypocrisy-Wikipedia)

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