Available Videos:
  1. The Wind Of Change
  2. Still Loving You
  3. Holiday
  4. White Dove
  5. Woman
  6. Still Loving You (feat. Vanessa Mae)
  7. Hurricane 2000 (symphonic)
  8. Is There Anybody There
  9. Blackout
  10. Big City Nights
  11. Bad Boys Running Wild
  12. Dynamite
  13. Always Somewhere
  14. Holiday (acoustic)
  15. Coast to Coast
  16. Dust In The Wind
  17. No One Like You
  18. The ZOO
  19. In Trance
  20. Send Me An Angel
  21. In Trance
  22. The ZOO
  23. No One Like You
  24. Dust In The Wind
  25. Coast to Coast
  26. Holiday (acoustic)
  27. Always Somewhere
  28. Dynamite
  29. Bad Boys Running Wild
  30. You And I
  31. We'll Burn The Sky
  32. Passion Rules The Game
  33. Always Somewhere (acoustic)
Available concerts:
  1. Acoustica (1hr 53min)

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Legendary German hard rock band. Scorpions formed in the late 60's and released several prog rock albums with Michael Schenker (who left to join UFO) before recruiting lead guitarist Uli Jon Roth, who helped push the band into a harder direction.

The 70's output of Scorpions represented a bold, innovative new force in heavy metal, but poor promotion in the US by their label, RCA, prevented the band from making a breakthrough. In the 80's Scorpions began moving in a more commercial direction, causing Roth to leave to pursue his own solo career. With a new label, Mercury, and a new guitarist in the talented Matthias Jabs, Scorpions began to enjoy considerable chart success with their involvement in the booming glam metal phenomenon.

Although they had arguably moved beyond their most creatively fecund period, it is the period between 1982 and 1991 that spawned their most well-known hits. Subsequently, the band experienced a drop-off in record sales though they remain quite prolific to this day. (Scorpions - Last.Fm)

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