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Hello all,

as the number of our regular users is increasing on a daily basis, the need of providing more community tools has appeared. Due to this, we have created a
community on the Last.FM website that will help interaction.

Q: What is Last.FM?
A: is a service that records what you listen to, and then presents you with an array of interesting things based upon your tastes — artists you might like, users with similar taste, personalised radio streams, charts, and much more.

Q: Why use Last.Fm?
A: Well, this has multiple answers:
  1. It will provide a player that will play music according to your own personal taste
  2. It will provide us with a glimpse to what do you like and it will help us get the videos YOU like.
  3. It will help you discover new bands that you will like
  4. It's free
Q: Is it free?
A: Of course

So go now to the Metal & Rock Videos community and join.
Feedback and questions are welcome.



At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does this all work? i have d/l flash 8 and i still see a white screen that never loads...are these streams? does it take awhile...please respond to


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