Guano Apes

Available Videos:
  1. Big In Japan
  2. Pretty In Scarlet
  3. Kumba Yo
  4. Lords Of The Boards
  5. Lords Of The Boards (live version)
  6. Break The Line
  7. Quietly
  8. Living In A Lie
  9. Dick
  10. Open Your Eyes (live)
  11. Scratch The Pitch
  12. Don't You Turn Your Back On Me
  13. Innocent Greed
  14. Crossing The Deadline
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Guano Apes was an alternative metal / alternative rock quartet from Germany. Their energetic mix of grunge and heavy metal made them one of the most successful German rock bands of their time.

The Guano Apes were formed in 1994 in Göttingen, Germany, by guitarist Henning Rümenapp, bassist Stefan Ude and drummer Dennis Poschwatta. Lead singer Sandra Nasić joined the band later in the same year. The band's career took off in 1996 after they won a contest for local unsigned bands with their song "Open Your Eyes". The song was also their first and most successful single, followed by the release of their 1997 debut album Proud Like a God. "Open Your Eyes" also appears in the Warren Miller movie, "Fifty" (1999). Two #1 albums, Don't Give Me Names and Walking on a Thin Line, followed in 2000 and 2003, respectively. The band broke up after the release of their best of album Planet of the Apes and a final tour in February 2005.

Of all four members, Dennis Poschwatta is most in the spotlights nowadays, playing guitar and handling vocals in his new, and in Germany already fairly popular band Tamoto. (This career move is, for that matter, remarkably similar to what Dave Grohl of Nirvana did after his band ceased to exist.) Henning Rümenapp focuses mainly on working 'behind the scenes' and Sandra Nasic is reportedly working on songs for a solo album. Nothing specific is known about Stefan Ude's post-Guano Apes activities, apart from his participation in the recording of Tamoto's debut album. (Guano Apes - Wikipedia)

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