36 Crazyfists

Available Videos:
  1. At The End Of August
  2. I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
  3. Bloodwork
  4. Slit Wrist Theory
  5. Felt Through A Phone Line
  6. Installing The Catheter
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36 Crazyfists is an American post-hardcore/Metalcore band originating from Anchorage, Alaska, now based out of Portland, Oregon.

36 Crazyfists formed in December of 1994 in their hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. The band's original line-up consisted of vocalist Brock Lindow, guitarist Steve Holt, bassist JD Stuart and drummer Thomas Noonan. Before signing with Roadrunner Records, the band had self-released two EP's and one LP. Their first release was the five-track Boss Buckle, released in 1995. Their next EP Suffer Tree was released in 1997, followed by their debut LP In the Skin, also released in 1997.

In order to get recognized, the band relocated to Portland, Oregon (where they now reside), opening for such acts including System of a Down, Primus, blink-182 and NOFX. Ultimately, the move to relocate paid off, after they were signed by Roadrunner Records.

After the release of their Roadrunner debut album Bitterness the Star in 2002, they began to tour the US with bands including Candiria, God Forbid, Chimaira, Diecast and Hotwire.

After their US tour, they went to Europe to begin the "European Road Rage Tour" with Killswitch Engage and Five Pointe O. At the completion of this tour, the band took time off to write new material for their sophomore album, A Snow Capped Romance, which was released in 2004 and produced by James Wisner, who worked with Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever.

Their current full-length album, Rest Inside the Flames, includes Jonah Jenkins of Miltown, and Howard Jones and Tom Gomes of Killswitch Engage.

In the first week of Rest Inside the Flames hitting the UK, it reached #71 in the official UK Album Charts. The album also reached #2 in the BBC's Rock Album charts. In order to release the album in the US, the band signed a North American deal with DRT Entertainment. The album was released November 7, 2006, almost five months after it was released to the rest of the world.

On October 24, 2006, the band kicked off the beginning of a short US fall tour in support of the release of Rest Inside the Flames. The first show was held in Little Rock, Arkansas. During their set, Brock mentioned the release of the new album and emphasized that it was being released 100% under DRT Entertainment, giving the impression that the band has completely cut ties with Roadrunner's North American division.

In an interview with Roadrunner UK, Brock stated his aim for the next 2-3 years would be to "bow out gracefully".

Rest Inside the Flames sold 1,900 copies in the US during its first week of release (36 Crazyfists - Wikipedia)

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