Available videos
  1. Satura
  2. Schakal
  3. Durch nacht un flut
  4. Endorama (w/ Kreator)
  5. Alleine Zu Zweit
  6. Copycat
  7. Stolzes Herz
  8. Ich Bin Der Brennende Komet
  9. Not Every Pain Hurts
  10. Lichtgestalt
  11. Stolzes Herz (live)
  12. Requiem
  13. Der Morgen Danach
  14. Tränen Der Sehnsucht
  15. Reissende Blicke
  16. Alles Lüge
Available concerts:
  1. Live History (1h 31min)
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Official Homepage

Lacrimosa is a duo led by Swiss Tilo Wolff, the main composer, and Finnish Anne Nurmi. Lacrimosa's musical genre originally was Darkwave or rather downright gothic. Since Inferno, their style has shifted towards gothic metal. Their musical style mixes heavy metal and gothic rock sounds along with violin, trumpet and more classical instruments, although their musical development throughout the years has also led to changes in instrumentation. Lacrimosa's lyrics are written almost exclusively in German, although since the 1995 album Inferno every album has featured one or two songs in English, generally written by Anne Nurmi. Finnish has also appeared in a brief spoken intro to one song (Schakal on Inferno) and on a bonus track in a limited edition release of Fassade. Their lyrics are mainly about loneliness, sadness, darkness, despair and love. (Lacrimosa - Wikipedia)

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